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Man, 58
About me
Sometimes I feel like a fruit loop in a world full of cheerios. :) This is all new to me. Took a huge amount of courage to finally try this.(Online dating) I've always had a sort of attraction with certain women after i lost my wife... but never really know how to go about it. I can be very shy at first and a bit on the conservative side so to speak. I'd like to think that if i get in a relationship with a woman that I'd be more of the "guy" in a sense that i love courting.I love the idea of having to prove myself worthy of someone's time and affection. Anyways, I'd like to meet some new friends here and just get to know each other. Please don't ask to meet up right away. I will only meet you once we've built some sort of friendship and trust. I love movies. i love old songs. i love to cook. im very spiritual/religious and Id like someone who can respect that. I do a lot of volunteer work for the poor etc. I dont really drink and don't smoke either. im not into the bar or club scene .I like to eat,i enjoy going to museums and exploring new places. I love going to concerts! ive been told by many that am pretty much so that my coworkers have been hounding me to give stand up comedy a shot. so who knows...maybe I will. :)
Looking for
I'd like to meet someone kind and sweet. I'm attracted to women with beautiful eyes. someone who can be a bit reserved when necessary. someone who would appreciate sweet gestures and perhaps a hopeless romantic like myself.
Height: 5"11"
Weight: Empty
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Black