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Man, 34, Netherlands
About me
Hi, nice of you to check me out.. I am a tall young man, living in amersooft, utrecht. Hetrosexual, natural dominant, not to bregg, but a shame not to mention: my perfect for porno big fat cock, horny, perverted and nice looking and friendly and sometimes fucking funny.. eh No, not literally fucking, so forget the fucking part. Damn no don't forget the fucking part, I do need it. Well maybe not so fucking funny all of the time, but still..
Looking for
A younger girl with a nice ass and the horny will to let me make good use of it. I have the desire to shoot film and photos together or in presence of a camera man or girl. Would love to get to know you better, if you are also not really looking, but always happy to find it. Sexual exploration into my kinky perversions. Together would be better..
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Weight: Empty
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