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Cedric Fleming

Woman, 31
Indiana, Indianapolis - United States
About me
We'll for starters know i am so amazing in soo many different types of scared ways. I'm truthfully very intelligent but i am a man lol ? but true. I fully take the blame for not being calm when this app asked me that one of kind questions. In my defense i was dealing with my adorable anxiety depression problem. Really just give it a chance it's not as scary as it sounds trust me.
Looking for
Looking for Waldo I was just throwing that out there it's a joke I guess laugh out loud laugh out loud. No but I'm looking for fun female that can ride with me. Also letting letting me ride her.
Height: The height is about 6 foot.
Weight: I'm in I got eight pack I'm black and yeah.
Hair: Yeah n**** dark brown darker the berry sweeter the juice.
Eyes: I got those Uncle Ruckus eyes you know from Boondocks.