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Man, 26
Adak - United States
About me
Hey! I'm Christopher from the city of Cleveland in the USA. I love learning other cultures.

I'd describe myself as an outgoing introvert. I like to get to know others but too much socializing drains my battery. I like to sing, play piano, watch documentaries, go to museums, play video games, go to musical theater shows, talk about philosophy or psychology, and watch anime, comedies, or thrillers. I also like to play sports and go out dancing. I like fantasy shows and movies too.

I'm 167cm and I workout a few days a week. I have a causal but nice style with form fitting clothes. I have a toned teddy type of physique - in between a dad bod and beach bod. Muscle/definition from working out for years but not a six pack
Looking for
I'm here to meet new people and hopefully find something romantic. I'm open to something long-distance for the right person but we'd need to make plans to relocate together eventually. I'm thinking within a year. I'd like to travel to see each other a few times before that as well.
Height: 167cm/5'6
Weight: Empty
Hair: Shaved
Eyes: Blue
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