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Woman, 42
United Kingdom
About me
I'm quirky, creative and open-minded. I enjoy exploring new places, experiencing new things and getting excited about the small stuff.

I feel and care deeply about people and anything that is important to me. Be warned, I have been known to sob during sad movies!

I'm usually shy to begin with, but mask by being very chatty! And, although I'm introverted, I enjoy going out, socialising in small groups, and meeting new people, I just also need some quiet time to recharge my batteries.

As for the practical stuff, I'm a mum to 2 wee people. My career is important to me, but family comes first. I'm allergic to cats, don't smoke, and not a huge drinker.

Ask me anything - I'm really open and not easily offended.
Looking for
I'm going through a divorce so not looking to jump into anything serious at this point.
Height: 5'5
Weight: Seriously??
Hair: Salt & Pepper
Eyes: Brown
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