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Man, 42
Yakutat - United States
About me
I am laid back guy that enjoys anything to do with the outddors. I like going places I have not been before it is just harder doing being a single dad. I like rides on my motorcycle and drive fast cars I like to be goofy and play around with my kids..
come first over anyone and anything there is nothing that will change that.. I will never make who I am with feel that way I am respectful of how my partner feels at all times with or without them around.. I like to talk and communicate any differences if you can't communicate you can't have a relationship or respect for that person. I was raise by my grand parents most of my childhood so respect was must and you learned it quick.vif you wanna know anything else feel free to ask..
Looking for
First thing is first my kids are my world and come before anyone and anything there is nothing that will change that.. there types of people and the 3 things I can't stand most in this world is a lier a cheater and a thief so if you do any of those I don't need or want it around me or my kids we don't have times in or lives for drama so please keep movin on down the road if you are any one of those thank-you. Now for anyone else if you are loving caring and have self respect and want a relationship with no games no bs and someone to walk Side by side in the rest of this life and what it has to offer with a guy you can trust.. please feel free to message me hit me anyway you can and pleasehave a good rest of you day or night.. hope to hear for you soon???
Height: 5`4
Weight: 145
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Hazle
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