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Pretty Trump Queen

Woman, 31
Texas - United States
About me
I'm 31 year old a female looking for a loyal man that I can show off to my friends and family. I'm very family oriented I love babies and children.
Looking for
1.Someone that I can be safe around that has no guns and no gun license. And that's a good wholesome Christian that doesn't smoke cigarettes and doesn't do drugs and doesn't sell drugs.
2. Also has a wild side too that loves the outdoors and loves to travel. And that's honest also that's not a
criminal history on him and that's definitely not pedophile that creeps on high school kids that's under 18 ew forever gross. Those pedophiles of the left they need to go get mental help at a licensed Therapist LLC for sure.
Height: 5'11 in a half I love tall guys because then I don't have to bend down and kiss them.
Weight: 185 pounds
Hair: I'm a natural Blonde with brown highlights.
Eyes: Blue
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