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Woman, 38
Vancouver - Canada
About me
Today i listened to a podcast on bryology and a podcast on the founder of Lush. i went for dimsum with two organic small scale farmers looking to start new ventures in vancouver. gave myself a pedicure, made a mango lassi and discovered a new song i like called function by 6 senz. found via the lookatthisrussian IG account. reposted a meme of elon musk drawing his truck in MSPaint. strolled to granville island and bought some bread. hope this snapshot of my day sheds some light on who i am
Looking for
Manly man who loves nature and adventure and has a high EQ and above average intelligence. Favours science, atheism, and being left of centre politically.
Height: 5'7
Weight: 130lbs
Hair: Brownish blonde
Eyes: Brown